Drawing for kids: doodle games

Drawing for kids: doodle games

By Bimi Boo Kids - Games for boys and girls LLC

Score: 4.5
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Creative coloring games for kids will help your child learn more about colors and coloring itself. Let your child become a real artist and develop new talents. Coloring book for kids includes coloring activity which is friendly to the youngest and focuses on different objects that are surrounding kids everyday. Furthermore, these games for kids contain a lot of coloring tools that will entertain your child with fascinating sounds and funny animations. The following is waiting for you: - 8 topic packs with 128 coloring pages; - Easy coloring book for kids; - Different coloring tools for customizing; - Creativity development. Games for girls and boys are designed for children of preschool age and also suitable as games for toddlers of 2- 4 years old. All the activities were developed with participation of experts in the field of children education and include such educational games for girls and boys as fine motor skills and logic development. Enjoy!



  • The best

    By kyleigh3's4
    This is the best game in the whole world 🌎 but everything could be a good idea 💡 for the game so a lot of people will play more on this game if you make everything free.
  • Pleas!

    By Caty cream!!!
    Ok so the reason why I gave a 4 is because that my daughter does not like the sound of the games music so pleas put a setting so I can mute all the sounds in the game! But this game really works I advise portents to use it! My kid loves it!
  • To much money

    By leilani lavin
    So it’s like everything is worth money just a waste of money and time...you can only do one of the things because it is all with money
  • Cool but it was not so good

    By bbzbxnjxxnx
    it said inter your date of birth I put it in and it said it’s rong
  • Draw for...

    By Wolfepackct
    You can draw
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  • Purchased all tools and colors -Not working

    By RadRecluse
    I loved the idea of this app and purchased all the tools and colors and it consistently won’t load and doesn’t work :(. Very disappointing
  • 🎀🎀

    By # 🧁
    This game is a life Changer to my kids
  • Review

    By 1234 Debby Anne
    My grandson likes this. He’s only 3. Not much good for older than that though.
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